Patent: GB 2517150B & 2540305B

Commissioned by the BEF to improve the comfort of Team GB horses during the long journey to Rio, this headcollar is based on two and half years’ of scientific research.

It features the Fairfax headpiece which significantly reduces pressure and enables the horse’s swallow mechanism to operate comfortably when eating & drinking during travel.

Developed and handmade in the UK

This breastplate is based on scientific research and is designed to:

  • Prevent the saddle slipping back when needed
  • Work without restricting the horse’s breathing
  • Allow the horse to maintain his natural jumping action or shape over a fence

Fairfax saddles are made from full-grain vegetable-tanned leathers. This means the natural grain of the leather is visible; it hasn’t been sanded or coated to remove or conceal any imperfections – that’s how you know it’s from a top quality, flawless hide.

Over time, full grain leather matures and becomes even more beautiful with age, but it does need a certain amount of care and feeding with the correct products.

We recommend Rapide Leathergel. A free tube is supplied with each new saddle, girth and bridle. Developed to clean and feed leather it will keep your tack supple, water resistant and lustrous.

Available from all Fairfax Saddle stockists.

Handmade in the UK

This martingale is designed to be effective without interfering with a breastplate. The neck strap is stitched at the junction with the chest strap, eliminating the need for a bulky rubber ring

The fit can be precisely tuned using the buckle adjustments near the rings, and at the loop for the girth.
This martingale functions seamlessly with the Fairfax Performance Breastplate and, in order to make sure they work independently and don't interfere with each other, it should always be fitted over the breastplate -never underneath.