Stallion Headpiece

Patent: GB 2517150B & 2540305B
Patent App: GB2544761

Available in double or snaffle, this headpiece is suitable for horses with 'cresty' necks or limited space between the back of the skull and the atlas. Stallions and Friesian-type conformations particularly benefit from the slimline design.

  • Suitable for use with all of the nosebands and interchangeable browbands in the Fairfax range.
  • Black or brown leather
  • Carefully thought-out features reduce pressure in six key zones
  • Improved bridle stability enhances the horse’s comfort
  • Symmetrical design with buckles both sides
  • FEI approved for use in all three eventing phases


Colour Black, Brown
Sizes Standard, Large
Bridle Type Snaffle
Bridle Fit Stallion

1. Get the benefits

  • The Fairfax Performance Bridle has been designed specifically to improve your horse’s way of going and your horse may need time to rebalance during acclimatisation. To get the maximum benefits from your bridle use it continuously (ie not just for competition), as regular use has a cumulative benefit.

2. CleaningRapide Leathergel

  • Immediately after use wipe all traces of sweat off the leather using warm water
  • If the leather has become wet, dry thoroughly
  • Apply leather feed to both the under and upper surfaces using a clean, soft cloth
    We recommend Rapide Leathergel (supplied with the bridle) for regular cleaning and feeding of the Performance Bridle

3. Important

  • Do NOT use any glycerine-based products (such as saddle soap) or oil-based treatments (such as neatsfoot oil). These will adversely affect the finish of the leather
  • Never use wet tack

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