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We aim to improve the horse’s performance by using scientific research and testing techniques to develop saddles, bridles and girths.
Every item in our Performance Range is developed using a combination of Pliance pressure mapping and Centaur Biomechanics gait analysis technology to provide a precise and indisputable measure of improvement in performance. We believe this ground-breaking use of independent combined diagnostic testing makes us unique.
All Fairfax saddles, bridles and girths are designed and made from start to finish by highly-skilled craftsmen in England.
Our Master Saddlers use the finest English leather to bring you and your horse products of the highest quality.
What is pressure mapping?
Pliance pressure mapping is the industry-standard method of assessing pressure on the horse’s body.
A sensor mat identifies potentially harmful pressure points which show up as red or pink areas on moving graphs and colour images. Pliance can gather data through all paces including jumping.
10.21 psi
Previous saddle
0.15 0.15 0.87 1.45 2.18 3.63 5.08 6.53 psi
Peak Pressure
What is gait analysis?
Markers on the horse’s key joints are photographed in movement at a rate of 300 frames a second - approximately 25 times faster than the human eye.
This provides detailed information allowing us to measure the difference in his extension, flexion and freedom of movement.
Harry Meade & Tom Jackson & Away Cruising Waltham Fiddlers Find
JP Sheffield & Gulfstream
Kitty King & Andrew Hoy & Vendredi Biats The Blue Frontier
Emile Chandler & Coopers Law
4.65 psi
Fairfax saddle

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