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Fairfax Rio Headcollar

Commissioned by the BEF to improve the comfort of Team GB horses during the long journey to Rio.

Features the Fairfax headpiece which significantly reduced pressure and enables the horse's swallow mechansim to operate comfortably when eating and drinking during travel.

Supplied with custom engraved brass nameplate. Please specify desired wording when ordering.

A note on sizing:
Fine: Pony or horses with very small heads
Standard: Cobs normally need standard

Use & Care
  • LeathergelA tube of Rapide Leathergel is supplied. Apply this leather feed to both the under and upper surfaces before using the breastplate for the first time. We recommend Rapide Leathergel for regular cleaning and feeding of the leather
  • Immediately after use wipe all traces of sweat off the leather using warm water.
  • If the leather has become wet, dry thoroughly then apply leather feeder.
  • Important Do NOT use any glycerine-based products (such as saddle soap) or oil-based treatments (such as neatsfoot oil). These will adversely affect the finish of the leather Never use wet tack