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Dressage Saddles, Bridles and Girths

Whatever your experience, competition level, build or position preference there’s a dressage option to suit you. For the horse choose from models featuring the patented Performance Panel for improved freedom of movement, or a more traditionally styled Classic design. There’s also a Classic low-wither and something for smaller horses and ponies.


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Charlotte Dujardin CBE talks about Gio

How his Fairfax World Class Saddle has changed him

Charlotte Dujardin CBE talks about Gio and how his Fairfax World Class Saddle has changed him

Henriette Andersen explains...

How Team Fairfax riders are involved in scientific research & testing

Henriette Andersen explains how the bridle testing made her realise the "Fairfax Bridle is a must for everybody!"

Chosen by professionals
Chosen by professionals
Fairfax has done so much research on how to make the saddles, girths and bridles fit in such a way to maximise the horse’s ability to move freely.
— Laura Tomlinson
Chosen by professionals
The Cara was developed with dressage rider Marc-Peter Spahn for his horse Elias 494
— Marc-Peter Spahn
Chosen by professionals
In my brain I’m a scientific sort of person, so I really like the science side of Fairfax - the evidence based research
— Sophie Wells MBE

Charlotte Dujardin

Marc-Peter Spahn
Elias 494

Laura Tomlinson
Rose of Bavaria