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Complete Fairfax Snaffle Bridle with Grackle Noseband

PLEASE NOTE: Reins are not included

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The default sizes of the component parts are as follows:

16" browband, 19" throatlash, 8" cheek pieces, 6" pad & 9" strap, 16" jowl strap

16" browband, 21" throatlash, 9" cheek pieces, 6" pad & 10" strap, 18" jowl strap

16" browband, 22" throatlash, 10" cheek pieces, 6" pad & 11" strap, 20" jowl strap

Patent: GB 2517150B & 2540305B | Patent App: GB2544761

Developed, designed and handmade in the UK. The first bridle to be based on scientific research and proven to:

  • Reduce pressure by up to 84%
  • Reduce force by up to 77%
  • Allows greater forelimb extension
  • Increases knee & hock flexion

Based on two years of scientific research, this bridle significantly relieves peak pressure in the six key pressure zones around the head, articultaing and moving in harmony with the horse's head during the stride.

Design Details
  • Unique design based on scientific research
  • Pearl or crystal decoration options on browbands
  • Hand-stitched and made in Walsall, England
  • Quality buckles and metalwork
  • Made using the finest English bridle leather
  • Fully lined with Prolite® which is proven to disperse pressure
  • Carefully thought-out features reduce pressure in six key zones
  • Articulation rings on the noseband improve stability on the horse’s
    head, allowing it to move with the horse, without causing restriction
  • Improved bridle stability enhances the horse’s comfort
  • Symmetrical design with buckles both sides
  • Browband and noseband are interchangeable with others from the Fairfax range
  • Approved for use in FEI competitions including all three eventing phases 
  • Double headpiece can also be used as a snaffle
Use and Care

1. Get the benefits

The Fairfax Performance Bridle has been designed specifically to improve your horse’s way of going and your horse may need time to rebalance during acclimatisation. To get the maximum benefits from your bridle use it continuously (ie not just for competition), as regular use has a cumulative benefit.

2. Cleaning

  • LeathergelImmediately after use wipe all traces of sweat off the leather using warm water
  • If the leather has become wet, dry thoroughly
  • Apply leather feed to both the under and upper surfaces using a clean, soft cloth
    We recommend Rapide Leathergel (supplied with the bridle) for regular cleaning and feeding of the Performance Bridle

3. Important

  • Do NOT use any glycerine-based products (such as saddle soap) or oil-based treatments (such as neatsfoot oil). These will adversely affect the finish of the leather
  • Never use wet tack
FEI Approved

The bridle and the various nosebands are FEI 'legal' for competition use, including all 3 phases of eventing.

Bridle Fitting Guide

Vanessa Fairfax, designer of the Fairfax Performance Bridle explains how to correctly fit and adjust the Fairfax Performance Bridle.

Bridle Testing & Design

A research team spent two years investigating and testing traditional bridle designs to identify the exact location of high-pressure zones and demonstrate the performance improvements when bridle pressure is removed