Moment in th stride

Moment in the stride

The aim of everything we design is to enhance your horse’s freedom of movement, strengthen your communication and achieve better results.

Our product designer Vanessa Fairfax is responsible for some of the most exciting saddlery developments in the last decade.

What makes Fairfax Saddles unique is that our designs are thoroughly researched and tested and then scientifically proven using the most up-to-date pressure mapping and gait analysis techniques available.

Fairfax's first revolutionary pressure-relieving design was the Performance Girth - Horse & Hound magazine described it as “Team GBR's secret weapon” at the London 2012 Olympics and Britain’s World Class Performance Director asked us to delay its launch until after the Games because he knew it could give the British team an advantage.

Download the Horse & Hound article about the Performance Girth here.

Our next ground-breaking project resulted in the Performance Saddle range – the patented design is scientifically proven to relieve a key pressure zone on the horse’s back and significantly improve his performance. British Dressage magazine published a feature about our research

Fairfax Performance Dressage Girth

Fairfax Performance Girth

Bridle 6 Key Zones of Pressure

6 Key Zones of Bridle Pressures

The results of our research into bridles led to the creation of the Performance Bridle and highlighted the need for us all to recognise the importance of bridle design and fit.

The most recent saddle research has looked at horse & rider synchronisation. The World Class Dressage Monoflap is the result of this extensive study into how the saddle's seat & knee block configuration affects rider biomechanics and how this influences the horse's performance.

British Dressage magazine published a feature about our research and the World Class Dressage saddle is chosen by Charlotte Dujardin.

Pliance Dressage Panel

Pliance Dressage Panel

Our research and results has been published by scientific journals – why is this important?

Fairfax's continued research and innovation has seen the company recognised with the Queen's Award for Innovation.