Classic Deluxe Dual Flap Jump

Colour: Black, Havana
Leather / Trim: Full grain English hide
Panel: Traditional wool flocked
Seat Sizes: 17", 17½", 18"
Changeable Gullet: N/M to XXW
Gullet Bar Type: R-Bar

A hide-covered saddle that still offers a slimline close-contact feel for the rider who prefers a softer, more accommodating, knee pad compared to a cupped flap.

  • Fully covered in ultra-deluxe, high-grip and super-soft full grain hide
  • Same stitched on knee and calf block as the Classic Jump Cupped Flap. But, instead of a moulded flap, this deluxe model has a padded knee roll with ghost stitching which allows it to contour around the block and softly accommodate the rider’s leg, compared to a more 'fixed' moulded design.
  • The same precisely aligned seat as the Classic Jump saddles which balances the rider over the fence and enable a close contact feel with the horse
  • Spot stitches in the panel under the knee give a close feel and hold the wool flock in place