The Fairfax Training System

The Fairfax Training System has been scientifically proven to

  • Generate more power
  • Lengthen stride
  • Reduce bone & joint wear
  • Improve back function

To maximise these benefits all the products should be used together during training.

Specifically designed to reduce pressure on the horse’s musculature at gallop. Allowing the horse to strength and develop top line through training. Can be fitted to even the widest or narrowest horse (and everything in between).

The high performance Prolite® inner provides proven impact, pressure and friction absorbing properties to ensure the ultimate interface between saddle and horse.

Patent No: GB 2488030 B / Design reg: 001839028

Anatomically shaped to significantly reduce pressure on the muscles behind the elbow, allowing greater freedom of movement. Particularly good for girthy horses or those with ulcer management issues.

Patent: GB 2517150B & 2540305B
Patent App: GB2544761

This patented design of bridle was developed to alleviate key pressure zones around the head and maximise stability at gallop. Works especially well on sensitive horses.