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Fairfax Harry Meade Monoflap XC

Developed with World Silver medallist Harry Meade to give a really close contact feeling between horse and rider. The specially-designed slimline foam panel has undergone extensive development and rigorous testing using Pliance pressure mapping and gait analysis. Scientific trials show that this design gives as much support and stability as our Performance Panel and allows the horse to flex and use his back on take-off without restriction.

The Harry Meade Monoflap XC benefits from the following design details:

  • The unique design and placement of the billets on this monoflap allows your saddle fitter four girthing options to fine tune the fit to your horse’s shape and movement (see Girthing Options below)
  • Changeable gullet bar to allow for fluctuations in the horse’s shape throughout the season or following time off (see "Changeable Gullet Bars" below).
  • Broad channel for spine clearance.
  • Deep, contoured foam under the tree points to give support and stability at the sides of the wither area.
  • Smaller thigh and calf block and a more open seat than the Andrew Hoy XC saddle, which provides the rider with a feeling of more ‘space’ in the saddle.
  • Covered with luxurious full-grain leather.
  • Made in Walsall, England by highly skilled Master Saddlers.

This saddle was designed and tested using pressure mapping and gait analysis.

Range Performance
Colour Brown with tan welting, Black with grey welting
Seat Sizes 17", 17½"
Changeable Gullet N/M or M (see NB below)
Gullet Bar Type R-Bar

Changeable Gullet Bars

The saddle fitter can choose the width fitting to best suit the profile of the horse’s wither. Gullet bars can be changed quickly and easily as the horse develops or changes shape with exercise or after time off.
Due to the slimline nature of this panel, the Harry Meade Monoflap XC will usually require a gullet bar half a width narrower than the corresponding Performance Saddle. We have found that the majority of event-fit competition horses will require a green or black bar

Handmade in England

All our saddles are handmade in Walsall by highly skilled Master Saddlers.

Harry Meade XC Neutral

The neutral position is with both billets under the flap

Harry Meade XC Forward

If the saddle slips forward as the horse moves, use the forward girthing option

Harry Meade XC Back

Select the back slots if the saddle moves backwards.

If more stability is required, use the forward bottom slot and the back top slot.

  • If you have purchased your saddle new, it will come with a tube of Rapide Leathergel. Apply a generous coat of Rapide before first use, using a soft cloth or sheepskin mitt.
  • Any dirt etc should be removed with a damp cloth after use.
  • Then re-apply Leathergel at least once a week to dry, clean leather.
  • Never use wet tack.
  • Do NOT use any products containing alcohol (such as spray soap), glycerine (eg saddle soap) or oil (including neatsfoot) on this saddle. Any colour loss or damage to the leather caused by these products will not be covered by the saddle’s guarantee.
  • If your saddle gets wet (in the rain or on the XC course for eg) allow the leather to dry naturally (do not use external heat sources).
  • Check regularly that all four gullet bolts and the two panel screws remain tight.
  • Rapide Leathergel is readily available online. This is the only product we recommend for the care and maintenance of your Fairfax saddle.

  • SimaTree saddle tree (conformsto BS7875) is guaranteed for five years.
  • Materials & workmanship are guaranteed for 12 months (subject to fair wear and tear.)
  • As part of your regular saddle maintenance, check that all four bolts on the gullet bar & the two bolts on the panel remain tight.
  • Repairs & alterations should only be carried out by authorised stockists only.
  • Faliure to follow the care instructions above will invalidate this guarantee
  • Register your guarantee at fairfaxsaddles.com

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