JP's speciality is choosing and buying young horses to produce, compete and sell on. Find out more about how he has made a business alongside competing and what it's like alway having to sell your best horses!

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Sophie says Don Cara is super sensitive and when his saddle began to slip, she knew she had to find something he was comfortable in. Now all her horses have a Fairfax World Class!

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JP Sheffield has been working with Fairfax for many years now - but in his other life he produces top class young event horses for competition and for sale. Find out what makes him think a horse has potential

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Come with us behind the scenes at Tom Jackson's yard to find out what happens in the day in the life of a top event horse. Tom explains how he keeps his horses happy, relaxed, fit and healthy.

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Meet Sophie's talented horses and find out what makes them tick

Team Fairfax's Tom Jackson takes us for a tour of his yard

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