World Class
Dressage II

Chosen by Charlotte Dujardin and Laura Tomlinson.
Scientifically developed and delivering a remarkable feeling of synchronicity and 'oneness' between horse and rider.

Fairfax Eros XC

Developed with seven-times Olympian Andrew Hoy to enable him to feel a greater harmony with his horses, the specifically designed seat aligns the rider precisely over the horse’s centre of balance, enabling them both to perform at their best.


Classic Deluxe
Dual Flap Jump

A luxurious hide-coverd two-flap jump saddle with a close contact feel and soft, accommodating knee pad

Classic Jump

A minimalist look and closer contact feel for the rider who prefers more
‘space for their leg’ and doesn’t want the level of support provided by
the larger thigh roll of our Classic Cupped Flap Jump.

Patent: GB 2517150B, 2540305B & Patent GB2544761

Fairfax Bridle

This bridle significantly relieves peak pressure
in the six key pressure zones around the head

Patent No: GB 2488030 B / Design reg: 001839028

Fairfax Girth

Scientifically proven to improve the horse's performance


Professional riders who choose Fairfax Performance

Scientifically Proven

Did you know only peer reviewed research is scientifically proven? Peer review means the research has been scrutinised and validated by independent academic and scientific experts.
Fairfax Saddles’ research is peer reviewed.

Product Development

Fairfax uses a unique combination of Pliance pressure mapping and gait analysis (of both horse and rider) which is completely independent, unbiased and  indisputable.

Testing Protocol

Fairfax uses Pliance pressure mapping to monitor tack pressure, combined with Centaur Biomechanics gait analysis to accurately assess exactly how every design change impacts on pressure and how this affects freedom of movement.

Chosen by Professionals
Chosen by Professionals
"It's so important to have a saddle that sits correctly. The horse is comfortable and the rider is in balance."
— Charlotte Dujardin CBE
Charlotte Dujardin
Chosen by Professionals
"For me to work with a company, I have to believe in the product."
— Andrew Hoy
Chosen by Professionals
"The big appeal for me with Fairfax is the science behind it"
— Laura Tomlinson