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Choose from monoflap cross-country saddles with our wool-flocked performance panel proven to relieve pressure and improve performance or, if you prefer a close contact feel, take a look at our foam panel option. Both choices benefit from Fairfax’s unrivalled research and testing, optimising your horse’s comfort and freedom of movement when galloping and jumping. 


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Eight-times Olympian & eight-times medallist

Andrew Hoy chooses Fairfax Performance

When Andrew Hoy first tried the Fairfax Girth after London 2012, he decided to buy more. That's when his partnership with Fairfax began - and it eventually led to him designing his own saddle.

Kitty king talks about…

How Fairfax Saddles have changed her horses

Kitty explains how the Fairfax Andrew Hoy Monoflap XC (now called Eros) supports her lower leg (which she describes as 'not long'!) and helps her feel secure in the saddle

Tom Jackson tells us…

What it means to be part of Team Fairfax

"What we like most about it, is how scientific it is - the research that has gone into these products is really reassuring," says event rider
Tom and his wife Sabrina.

Chosen by professionals
Chosen by professionals
"My lower leg feels much more secure and my balance is much better in my Fairfax jump saddle"
— Kitty King
Chosen by professionals
"Rather than creating a fashion accessory, Fairfax's philosophy is about performance & putting the horse and rider first"
— Harry Meade

Andrew Hoy
Vassily de Lassos

Bubby Upton
Cola III

Kitty King
Vendredi Biats

Tom Jackson
Capels Hollow Drift