Taking measurements from your current bridle to order your Fairfax bridle

1. Headpiece

Laying the tape measure over the top of the headpiece, measure from the edge of the browband, over the poll and down to the top edge of the brow band on the other side of the horse’s head.

2. Noseband

Position the end of the tape measure on the front edge of the horse’s noseband cheek piece. Lay the tape horizontally along the front of the horse’s nose along the top of the cavesson to the front edge of the noseband cheek piece on the opposite side of the horse’s head.

3. Cheek piece

Position the end of the tape on the bottom edge of the buckle where the leather starts and then measure down the cheek piece to where the leather starts to curl around the bit.

4. Throatlash

Measure the leather section between the two buckles. This is best measured flat.

Take a look the Bridle Fitting and Measurment Videos and Resources below for more information and instruction 

Fitting tips

The regular headpiece features a central lozenge to provide optimal stability, but if your horse has an enlarged crest, a froward bridle groove, or is sensitive around the ears, we recommend you choose the stallion headpiece (which has straight sides and so is narrower in the centre section) in the 'headpiece type' drop down when configuring your bridle