Patented Performance Panel

Jump Performance Panel

(Patent 2505962B)

This saddle features the ground-breaking Fairfax Performance Panel which is scientifically proven to reduce saddle pressure and increase shoulder & knee flexion over a fence, resulting in better clearance.

The weight-bearing part of the panel under the rider’s seat is separated from the part under the rider’s knee (which lies over the horse’s shoulder). This allows the horse’s shoulder independence of movement.

Adjustable Shoulder Blocks

Monoflap Jump Adjustable Blocks

Monoflap jump saddles with the Performance Panel are supplied with two thicknesses of changeable shoulder blocks.

If a horse has asymmetrical shoulders, use the thicker block on the side with less muscle. This allows the rider to sit squarely while the horse is free to move underneath, building up muscle without restriction.

monoflap jump block configuration for short legged riders

If you have quite short-legs you can use these blocks under the flap to support your legs.

Monoflap jump block fitted wth blank

If you have longer legs, remove the lower block and replace it with a ‘blank’ to create more room and allow you to feel closer to the horse.