Our ideas are very much our own – and we are proud of our research and achievements

fairfax performance girth patent

Fairfax Performance Girth - GB Patent 2488030

Sadly, whenever there’s a great idea, there’s always someone who will want to copy it, duplicate its success and sell the idea as their own. This is why game-changing designs and inventions such as ours are protected by patents.

fairfax performance panel patent

Fairfax Performance Panel - GB Patent 2515079B

What is a patent?

A patent is a protection granted by the Government to inventors of new and innovative products. It stops others copying the design or making or selling the invention. It gives the inventor the right to take legal action against those who infringe the patent.

Fairfax Performance Dressage Panel - GB Patent 2515079B

Faifax Performance Jump Panel - GB Patent 2505962B

Fairfax Performance Girth - GB Patent 2488030

Fairfax Performance Bridle - GB Patent: GB 2517150B & 2540305B



We go to the trouble because patents are crucial for technological innovation and innovation is crucial for our horses to perform comfortably to the best of their ability.