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Low Wither General Purpose

Colour: Black, Havana
Leather / Trim: Full grain English hide & butt leather
Panel: Traditional wool flocked
Seat Sizes: 17", 17½", 18"
Changeable Gullet: N/M to XXW
Gullet Bar Type: S-Bar

A feeling of stability, closeness and unity for the rider on any conformation with a low wither (not just super-wide Cob types).

  • Low-profile tree and panels
  • The compact panel works well on short-backed horses
  • Super slimline front and shallow rear gussets for close contact and stability
  • The luxuriously comfortable seat positions the rider close to the horse
  • Moveable knee roll to accommodate a wide variety of leg sizes
  • Two rows of ghost stitching on the knee pad allow it to contour easily around the roll while comfortably supporting and cushioning the leg
  • Super-soft full grain hide on the seat and knee pad

See Design Details and Girthing Options below for more information

Design Details
Scientifically tested icon

Scientifically researched
All Fairfax saddles are designed using the scientific research and development that goes into our Performance and World Class ranges. Every saddle benefits from our pressure-relieving design experience – so the horse benefits too!

Made in Britain icon

Handmade in England
All our saddles are handmade in Walsall, England by highly skilled Master Saddlers.

Prolite icon

Prolite®-lined panel
The wool-flocked panels are lined with a layer of Prolite® for proven pressure distribution, while still allowing for traditional re-flocking on site

Gullet Bars icon

Changeable Gullet Bars
All saddles feature a changeable gullet bar (either S-Bar or R-Bar) which allows the saddle fitter to choose the width fitting that best suits the profile of the horse’s withers. The bars can be changed quickly and easily as the horse develops or changes shape.

British Wool Logo

British Wool Flocking
British wool provides superior softness and comfort for the horse. Each saddle has two flocking slots which make it easy for your saddle fitter to make quick fitting adjustments on site.

Girthing Options

Fairfax Classic GPs have three billets (straps), with the third one being moveable.

Classic GP Girthing

The saddle fitter will begin with the neutral position – 2nd and 3rd billets

If the saddle moves forward, they will try the 1st (point strap) and 3rd billets

Classic GP Girthing

If the back of the saddle lifts, the saddle fitter will move the 3rd billet onto the floating balance position and use the 2nd and 4th positions

For increased stability (on a very round horse for eg) the saddle fitter may use the 1st (point strap) and 4th position

DO NOT GIRTH USING THE 1st and 2nd BILLETS TOGETHER - this will cause saddle instability

Care & Use

LeathergelThe correct care of your Fairfax saddle is essential. Follow these instructions to ensure years of happy service from your purchase

  • If you have purchased your saddle new, it will come with a tube of Rapide Leathergel. Apply a generous coat of Rapide before first use, using a soft cloth or sheepskin mitt.
  • Any dirt etc should be removed with a damp cloth after use.
  • Then re-apply Leathergel at least once a week to dry, clean leather. Apply to all surfaces.
  • Never use wet tack.
  • Do NOT use any products containing alcohol (such as spray soap), glycerine (eg saddle soap) or oil (including neatsfoot) on this saddle. Any colour loss or damage to the leather caused by these products will not be covered by the saddle’s guarantee.
  • If your saddle gets wet (in the rain or on the XC course for eg) allow the leather to dry naturally. Do not use external heat sources.
  • Check regularly that all four gullet bolts and the two panel screws remain tight.
  • Rapide Leathergel is readily available online. This is the only product we recommend for the care and maintenance of your Fairfax saddle.

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