Fairfax bridles are available from your local bridle fitting stockists, or online here

Fairfax Separate Grackle

PLEASE NOTE: Allow up to 21 days for dispatch. Please ensure you have read the bridle returns policy before fitting.

This Mexican grackle design sits higher on the face than an English grackle and benefits from articulation rings each side which help it articulate and move in harmony with the motion of the horse’s head. In scientific trials, the grackle noseband was a top performer when it came to pressure reduction on the horse’s face making it a great starting point for youngsters. It is also BD legal.

Bridle Fitting Guide

Vanessa Fairfax, designer of the Fairfax Performance Bridle explains how to correctly fit and adjust the Fairfax Performance Bridle.

Bridle Testing & Design

Our product designer spent two years investigating and testing many traditional bridle designs to prove exactly where the common pressure peaks are and how this pressure affects the horse in motion.

Her intention was then to design a new bridle which eliminated these areas of pressure.