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Standard Flap Dressage

The standard flap design features a moveable thigh block, which can be repositioned to suit the rider. The horse's movement is enhanced by cut-away styling at the front of the saddle, which provides plenty of freedom for the horse's shoulders and enables suppleness and elasticity at all paces.

The perfect fit is assured with a purpose-designed dressage tree, adjustable through six width options in half-width fitting increments. Created from high-grade polymer, the tree is at once durable and lightweight. Well-balanced panels with a broad bearing surface ensure an even distribution of weight across the horse's back, while his comfort is further enhanced with 100% British wool flocking that can be adjusted quickly and easily to maximise panel contact. Additionally, the girthing can be tailored to the horse's requirements with a unique triple-billet system. Girthing options both on and off the point can be used in combination with a slimline, self-levelling balance strap to optimise saddle stability without impeding his natural movement.

For the rider, an open, balanced seat allows for the most subtle of aids and adjustments. The countroured flap design moulds around the adjustable knee block to offer support without restriction of the knees, while stirrup leathers are recessed for closer contact with the horse's sides. A winning combination of quality and high performance – hand-crafted in Walsall, England, by highly-skilled Master Saddlers.