Classic Saddles

Created using all the research and development that has gone into our Performance ranges. Traditional two-flap saddles with soft seat and cushioned knee rolls, offering enhanced comfort and luxury for the discerning rider.

A monoflap dressage that offers good support and a professional close-contact feel. This will suit you if you find bigger knee blocks restrictive or uncomfortable.

A traditional two-flap saddle with a moveable block that can be adjusted to suit your leg support requirements

A traditional two-flap with a deeply-cushioned, stitched-on knee roll that provides superior comfort and support for the leg. 

A traditional two-flap saddle for the dressage rider who appreciates a little more 'space' in the seat. The moveable knee block allows you to customise the support and room your leg needs.

A luxurious dressage saddle for all low-wither and short, flat-back conformations, designed to deliver the rider a feeling of closeness and comfort.

Especially for the petite or young competitive rider, this traditional two-flap with a moveable knee block is available in size 16½ only.

A high-comfort GP for all types of riding and competition, with a little extra luxury and support. The horse benefits from Fairfax’s fitting features and girthing options.

This low profile saddle gives a close and stable fitting option for any horse with a low wither not just super-wide Cob types. Perfect for all types of activities, the luxuriously comfortable seat positions the rider close to the horse.

The same comfort and luxury as the Classic GP but straighter-cut flaps make this the perfect choice for the rider who likes to do a bit of everything, but whose main interests are flatwork, schooling or dressage.  

A traditional two-flap saddle for the competitive rider looking to achieve a closer connectivity with their horse when jumping. The Cupped Flap moulds around a stitched-on knee block providing superior support for the rider's leg.

Especially for the petite or young competitive show jumper, this luxurious traditional two-flap is available in size 16" and 16½" only.

A more minimalist look and closer-contact feel for the rider who doesn’t want the additional support provided by the larger block of our Classic Jump Cupped Flap. The hide-covered knee pad has ghost stitching to help it mould around the block and cushion the leg perfectly.

Designed for the competitive cross-country rider who preferes plenty of knee and leg support while still achieving a close contact feel with their horse, thanks to the monoflap design.

A monoflap saddle for the competitive cross-country rider looking for a close contact with their horse and a small, neat knee block for minimalist leg support.